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To reach a health or social service listed on our site, please call the number given in the service profile.

To add or update a service profile:
We invite local organizations to send us information about their services and to update their service profiles if they are already included on the site.

Visit our Submit Your Content page for instructions and online forms that make submitting information quick and easy!

For more information about the site, or to schedule a presentation for your group or workplace contact our Regional Community Partnership Coordinator:
Suzie Taka

General CCAC Contact Information
The Waterloo Wellington CCAC operates out of three administrative offices and nine hospital-based sub-offices.

Contact Information for Administrative Offices
Head Office:
141 Weber Street South
Waterloo, ON N2J 2A9

Tel: 519 748 2222      Toll free: 888 883 3313      Fax: 519 883 5555

Cambridge Branch Office:
73 Water Street North, Suite 501
Cambridge ON N1R 7L6

Tel: 519 748 2222      Toll Free: 888 883 3313      Fax: 519 623 5068

Guelph Branch Office:
450 Speedvale Avenue West, Suite 201
Guelph ON N1H 7G7

Tel: 519 823 2550      Toll Free: 888 883 3313      Fax: 519 823 8682