A number of government, community and health care agencies in the Waterloo Wellington provide services in the French Language. These services may include:

  • Programs delivered in the French Language
  • Inquiries and referrals handled by in the French language by reception
  • Publications, websites and other resources available in the French language
  • Access to an interpreter

Here are some tips for accessing French language services:

  • Visit to find services and resources available in the French language.
  • Look up the details on how to access French language services for a particular organization on its service profile. 
  • Start your search for services by visiting lignesanté, a French language view of
  • Watch for Bienvenue signage at reception or a badge worn by staff members to indicate that they speak French. Even if a sign is not visible, often someone speaks French.
  • Keep in mind that although the organization you are contacting may not be able to directly serve you in the French language, they may be able to refer you to someone that can or arrange for an interpreter to be present.

Always ask if a service can be provided in the French Language.

Did you know?

  • Although many Francophones living in the Waterloo Wellington are bilingual, when it comes to care, their preference is to receive service in their first language.
  • In an emergency or crisis situation, people sometimes find it challenging to converse fully in their second language and may, in fact, revert entirely to their first.
  • The Franco-Ontarian community is diverse and welcomes Francophones from around the world. For a Portrait of the Francophone Community in Ontario, visit the Office of Francophone Affairs.

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